This type of CMS means that all processing for dynamic content generation is done on the client side. Therefore, the simplest (and freely available) hosting offer is enough, as it just needs to offer static file hosting.

Another alternative CMS technology for static file hosting would be a Flash-based CMS.
JavaScript-based CMS systems either use AJAX calls to get individual content parts from the server on demand, or the whole site is one single page, with some content hidden and shown on demand by JavaScript commands. At least the latter alternative is just for sites with very few content.

Alternatives as of 2009-01-22 (by adequateness):

  • [GEEKO CMS] from (license: free)
  • TinySite.XML (obfuscated source, as source is for sale)
  • StikiWiki / Stickiwicki (can be used for storing and editing documentation on a USB stick)
  • Visual JS CMS from, …)

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