One should not think that five minutes (or five bucks) are not worth
thinking about. As such, five minutes or five bucks are really not much
and not worth to worry about … but one must not forget about their
repetition, about the grand total of these little things. Spending five
minutes or five bucks repeatedly for a certain thing or activity is
indeed much: then, one hour is long, making up 1/16 = 6,25% of the wake
part of each day,
i.e. 6,25% of your life!

From this perspective it becomes clear what makes up a lifestyle:
repeated activity. For example, having a family is a lifestyle because
it introduces repeated activity that takes up maybe 40% of each day.
That’s a considerable amount: 40% of the (current)
life, i.e. all available free time. Though it is possible to live
different for a short time, you’ll live in the long run according to
the demands and triggered repeated activity of family life, and that’s
what makes up the lifestyle in this case.

Start date: 2007-08-01 (circa)
Post date: 2007-12-11
Version date: 2007-12-11 (for last meaningful change)

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