Invalid value for ‘status’ in row …

The correct values for the “status” field when importing form CSV files are:

  • 1 for “Enabled”
  • 2 for “Disabled”

This applies at least when importing via “System -> Import / Export -> Import”, maybe not to the Dataflow profiles (which, at least in earlier versions, used i18n’ed values like “Aktiviert” and “Deaktiviert” for German).

You can always check what values are the correct ones by exporting one enabled and one disabled product. Admittedly “1” and “2” instead of “1” and “0” is really counter-intuitive.

Invalid value for ‘generate_meta’ in row …

Invalid value for ‘imported’ in row …

This can happen when the locale you used for writing the file is differentf rom the interface locale setting when importing it. Check the “Interface Locale:” dropdown at the bottom of every page in the Magento backend for that! For example, the correct values for “generate_meta” when importing with German locale are “Ja” and “Nein”, but with English locale probably “Yes” and “No”.

One thought on “How to fix “Invalid value for ‘status'” when importing products in Magento

  1. Magento very often says that some data are missing during import. So you have to check if this field mentioned in the error has the values indicated, if not, input them.
    In case you have data listed, by Magento does not “see” them, check if each entity is in separate row and the first one needs to be the header. IAlso try to open the file using any spreadsheet program making sure that character set has UTF-8 encoding. Check also this article –

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