How to fix the “connection error 623” in MWconn?

Introduction: MWconnn is a nice little, free, Windows-based network operator and hardware independent tool for connecting to mobile broadband networks (UMTS / HSDPA / GPRS). It is mostly advisable to use this tool instead of the tool that comes with your card, especially if you want to connect to different networks at times. I did not find a better tool, yet. If you need some support, it is a good idea to look into the loooong MWconn support thread (German).

I had the problem that it always complained about “connection error 623” (German: “Verbindungsfehler 623”) and did not connect.

The following hint is given in the MWconn Instruction Manual, p. 53: the Windows dial-in connection called “Internet” (or whatever you changed that name to in the MWconn CONFIG field) does not exist. In my case, it did indeed not exist … for some reason it was not created in the installatipon process. After creating it manually, all worked out well. This is what I did (in Windows XP):

  1. Go to “Control Center -> Network -> Network connections”.
  2. Click “Create new network connection” in the left column.
  3. In the wizard, choose “Create Internet connection”, then “Create dial-in connection” (German: DFÜ-Verbindung), then choose to enter the parameters manually.
  4. As the number to call, use teh “default” sequences for UMTS / HSDPA dial-in: *99# or *99**1#.

For more information, see this thread about error 623 (German).







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