Category: sociology & psychology

  • The eigen frequency of social systems

    In my recent “Oh we of decadent faith!” I recognized that both individuals and whole societies can become “decadent”. Let me add now a thought how developments in societies and in individual lifes are comparable in general. Think of society as something with a “feeling” (how it feels to live in it) and with life […]

  • What we term intuition

    With a friend, I had an interesting talk recently. It was about intuition and what it is. I bluntly admit that she’s an intuitive person, while I don’t have this ability or, at least, did not yet discover it. During that talk, I discovered my own current opinion regarding intuition. It’s summarized in this thesis: […]

  • A longing for radical life

    Smooth societal life. People striving for survival won’t understand this: living a highly civilized lifestyle deprives of life. Within this lifestyle, I don’t have any intensive experiences. That is, I can barely distinguish between my   “experiences”. That is, I have no experiences at all, just everyday life. That way, people don’t feel alive, as they […]

  • Learning cross-gender friendship

    There are quite a few reasons why people may resolve to not enter partnership, temporarily or permanently, with respect to one concrete or all potential partners. One reason is that somebody might find he or she is not the type of person who finds satisfaction in partnership, marriage and family life. Another typical reason is […]

  • Being one being

    The Bible talks about the marriage relationship in Gen 1-2 somewhere, saying that a couple will become “one flesh”. This inspired me to think about what this involves … and I must admit that I’m deeply fascinated by the idea of “merging personalities” while I am unable to grasp it due to my all-too-natural, all-too-human, […]

  • Please define happiness!

    When searching for life as in this series of articles it’d be a good idea to know what life is. A major aspect is happiness. But what is happiness? I hereby invite you to share your definitions in the comments, and will give my own: Happiness is that flavor of emotional well-being that is triggered […]

  • Friendship is an interaction

    Me thinks the following to be an interesting insight. Friendship is something that does not exist in a statical way, but consists solely of the dynamic components. Friendship is done, it consists of interaction between persons. (Which is a difference to partnership, which exists also statically as it is binding.) So what does this mean: […]