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  • How to set up PHP-FPM together with Apache2 and Froxlor?

    This applies to Debian 6 "Squeeze", using PHP 5.4.11 from Dotdeb, and Froxlor 0.9.27 from the Debian archives. Setup instructions We assume that your Apache2 server is installed and working, and so is your PHP 5.4.x installation. Install PHP-FPM: apt-get install libapache2-mod-fastcgi php5-fpm Enable to use PHP-FPM in Froxlor. (After saving, you will get an […]

  • How use a fitting PHP client library version when using PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5 from Dotdeb?

    Problem. When installing a PHP 5.4 package and a MySQL 5.5 package, both from Dotdeb for Debian 6.0 "Squeeze", this results in PHP interfacing with MySQL via a SQL client library version 5.1.66 (or another one from the MySQL 5.1 series). That in turn causes phpMyAdmin to complain about it after logging in there: "Your PHP MySQL […]

  • Which Apache2 PHP handler to use?

    Not an easy question, also there's a lot of discussion about this on the web. I will just summarize what I found on the web, give my personal evaluation of it, and name some sources. The selection criteria here are esp. security and ease of use, within boundaries of performance and memory usage (here, of a […]

  • How to fix that the absolute document root path is interpreted relatively in Froxlor?

    Problem This description applies to Froxlor 0.9.27. The issue was reported by me as Froxlor issue #1159 ("Absolute document root path interpreted as relative to customer folder"), but since their issue reporting system is down as of 2013-02-18 I publish it here with teh workaround, as good as I can remember. How to reproduce this problem: Create domain with […]

  • How to do remote installs of Android apps?

    In this post, I want to show a solution that can help to quickly install your set of desired open source Android apps from FDroid, by installing them with adb. It also works with Google Play, but you have to download them as .apk files first. This is not possible on Google Play directly, but […]

  • How to sync via USB with the FolderSync Android app?

    This task refers to the FolderSync app version 2.5.4 – the paid version, though it may work with the lite version too. It seems that this is not an intended feature currently, but it is possible. Instructions: Enable USB tethering on your Android phone. Connect the computer to the USB network connection (while disconnecting it […]

  • How to sync folders between Android and Linux?

    The idea is that files saved in some folder on Android are automatically transferred to a folder on your Linux-based desktop computer, and vice versa. This should happen locally, without a "cloud storage" somewhere on the Internet. For now, the best solution for automatic syncing is the commercial, closed-source app FolderSync as recommended by LinuxJournal. […]