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  • How to fix the login loop in ownCloud?

    Symptoms This happened right after the installation of ownCloud 5.0.13, when trying to log in for the first time. This failed, and the login page was simply served again (without any error message or explanation). The URL of that login page was then something like During installation, I also had to create an xcache […]

  • How to disable open_basedir for one website in ISPConfig?

    Edit the website record in ISPConfig 3, there go to the options tab and in line "PHP open_basedir" set the value "none". Save, wait a minute for the job to disappear from ISPConfig's job queue (Monitor -> Show Jobqueue) and confirm that your change made it into the configuration with a command like cat /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/web3.conf […]

  • How to fix that ISPConfig 3 does no longer process its job queue?

    There are two main reasons for this: the next job causing an error, or a stale lock. How to fix a job queue stuck with a job that causes an error Check for errors. Go to "Monitor -> Show System Log" and check if there is a message of loglevel "Error". If yes, proceed below; […]

  • How to disable USB mode-switching on Huawei 3G sticks?

    Huawei 3G USB sticks ("dongles") support a special command to control the mode how they will appear to a host computer. This allows to switch off the flipflop USB capability, also called USB modeswitching. USB modeswitching means that these and many other USB 3G sticks at first only provide a virtual CD-ROM drive to the […]

  • How to install a 3G stick on a Flytouch 10 tablet?

    These instructions were tested on a Flytouch 10 (more specs here), also known as Flytouch X, Superpad 10, Superpad X. The model naming of this Shenzai stuff is a mess, so be sure to check the linked specs and photos to make sure it's your device. Configuration For a compatible 3G stick to work, you […]

  • What is a recommendable free web hosting control panel?

    Requirements I got quite annoyed by the vendor lock-in of Plesk Panel, so now I'm looking for a free and open alternative. The requirements were quite straight-forward: good software quality free and open source software running on a Linux server multi-domain capability multi-client capability FTP, webserver and e-mail configuration support per-client SSH access Alternatives List […]

  • How to fix when an Android phone stopped showing the “mass storage” connection option?

    Just rebooting the phone should fix this if this option is at least usually shown when connecting the phone by USB cable to a computer. It does not help to use the feature in settings to "Safely Remove SD Card" and then drawing the SD card out and plugging it in again – the SD […]