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  • How to auto-post from N-1 to Twitter and

    Task Auto-posting your activity from the N-1 social network as Twitter and status updates. It is not required to post all and every activity, but the most meaningful part would be to post the N-1 "wire posts", which are Twitter-like short status updates within N-1. N-1 wire posts to Twitter Access your N-1 wire posts […]

  • Why is the Twitter website unusable since ca. 2012-12-19?

    Because you have AdBlock Plus enabled. Symptoms include: no JavaScript controlled internal popup windows work any more (like the one to write a new tweet or the one to watch a profile preview of somebody). The "Follow" and "Favorite" buttons do not work either. This happens in Firefox (using Fanboy's AdBlock list version 2012-12-19) and also […]

  • Can I use the Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition?

    Short answer No, but you can port it to there. Longer answer Officially, the Ruby plugin is only available for the (for-sale) IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition. Proofs: IntelliJ IDEA comparison of editions, showing that Ruby/JRuby support is available as a free plugin but only for Ultimate Edition. JetBrains lists the Ruby plugin in the IntelliJ […]

  • How to embed Etherpad Lite?

    It is quite straightforward with code like this: <div style="background:#fff; padding:3px"> <iframe style="border:1px solid gray; height:700px; width:617px" src=""> </iframe> <div> <strong>Hide the chat column to get proper space for editing.<br/> Or <a href="">edit this pad fullscreen on</a>.</strong> </div> </div> <p> If trolls delete your content, use the "Time Slider" button and copy it back […]

  • How to provide Wi-Fi Internet access for a 100 people conference?

    Another important requirement was to use low-cost resources for that. Note: So far, this is my preparation for a solution that was not needed for the conference because we found a venue with wifi. So, expect this to not work out as intended the first time 😉 but it’s a good source of inspiration to […]

  • What bandwidth does EtherPad Lite use?

    This was a difficult question to answer, because the Internet was quiet about this. There is a discussion about load issues with EtherPad Lite, essentially saying that the server-side overhead of EtherPad Lite is so low that nobody yet had scaling issues on the server side, even with 100+ person pads. Also it says, there […]

  • How to achieve flexible width images with Cimy Header Image Rotator?

    Update: Responsive width is now a feature in the new versions of CIMY Header Image Rotator. You do no longer need the hack described in this post. Instead see the comment by @rtpHarry on this page for how to set things up! On this very website, I have rotating imagery in each pages header, and […]