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  • How to create a panorama from video under Linux?

    Option 1: Autopano Pro Autopano Pro is a great sophisticsted panorama software that comes with a Linux version (.deb package even!). It is commercial software for about 100 USD, but has a demo version that will do about the same, just watermarking the generated panoramas. They have a an article "Fun : Stitching video frames" […]

  • How to count words in XML and HTML files?

    For HTML files, you can use the command-line tool html2text (even with several files at once), together with wc: html2text *.html | wc –words For XML files, you can use the command-line tool xml_grep instead, again together with wc. It allows to specify an XPath-like expression to define which parts of the XML text to […]

  • How to fix when the mouse stops clicking in Lubuntu?

    The mouse stopped clicking at times – it seemed to happen at arbitrary moments. The pointer would still move, but it was no longer possible to click in any way (on my ThinkPad X201 Tablet meaning: trackpoint buttons, touchpad buttons, touchpad tapping, pen input, finger input). The reason for this behavior was probably a defective keyboard […]

  • How to keep your data on a small removable SSD with USB interface?

    The idea explored here is to separate your data physically from the computer that you are using them on. This has the following advantages: (1) you are quite safe from theft because you can keep carrying your data with you always, even when having to let your notebook at home or in a hotel because it […]

  • How to set up a clean web hosting directory layout in Plesk 11.5?

    If you are using Plesk as a server control panel and took part in all updates starting with some Plesk 10 version, you will notice that your recent version (Plesk 11.5 currently) has a total mess with respect to the web hosting directory layout. That's because during some of these updates, Plesk migrated its hosting […]

  • What is a set of recommendable basic Android applications?

    This is my list of Android applications that I recommend everyone to have and install on own phones and phones prepared for clients. Of course everybody will need more apps for specialized purposes, but these ones should be relevant for every user. Selection criteria for this list: only one selected best app for every purpose any […]

  • How to create @mentions with auto-suggest and notifications in Drupal 7?

    Usually, you can have mentions with e-mail notifications using the Drupal mentions module, or mentions with auto-suggest using the Drupal ckeditor_mentions module, but not both. But it turns out you can, indeed, by combining both modules (see also). Here are detailed instructions how to set thus up. Recommended: Using Message Notify for message sending Install […]