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  • How to sync via USB with the FolderSync Android app?

    This task refers to the FolderSync app version 2.5.4 – the paid version, though it may work with the lite version too. It seems that this is not an intended feature currently, but it is possible. Instructions: Enable USB tethering on your Android phone. Connect the computer to the USB network connection (while disconnecting it […]

  • How to sync folders between Android and Linux?

    The idea is that files saved in some folder on Android are automatically transferred to a folder on your Linux-based desktop computer, and vice versa. This should happen locally, without a "cloud storage" somewhere on the Internet. For now, the best solution for automatic syncing is the commercial, closed-source app FolderSync as recommended by LinuxJournal. […]

  • How to bulk assign nodes to groups in Drupal 7?

    The problem: During Drupal admin work, for example after importing a bulk of posts from another source, you might want to assign many of them to Drupal group (provided by the Organic Groups module). In the admin backend, there is no other way than editing every node individually and entering the group's name into the […]

  • How to work on the computer while bitcoin-qt is downloading blockchain parts?

    This refers to the reference Bitcoin client (bitcoin-qt), version 0.7.2. While it was catching up with the blockchain, it did cause such a high I/O waitstate load that working on the same computer alongside was very frustrating to impossible. Setting bitcoin-qt to low CPU and IO priority helped a bit, but not too much: ionice […]

  • How to import WordPress content into Drupal Commons 7.x-3.0?

    As of 2013-01-27, this is a problem because of many bugs both inside the wordpress_migrate Drupal module and the Drupal Commons 7.x-3.0 distro (which is not yet released, but making good progress). So, expect this guide to be out of date in a matter of days, then try to go along this while omitting the […]

  • How to get a secure e-mail account?

    Mailinator. In some sense, a good idea. Namely, when it's only about cutting the link to your real-world identity when entering an e-mail address (like for registering on some site). You have to access Mailinator with TOR though or you might still get tracked down. You need either two friends to refer you, or […]

  • How to set up a Linux environment for maintaining Android phones?

    This documents the environment I use for software maintenance of Android phones. The emphasis is on efficient and repeatable results. This is a work in progress! Basic Android environment under Ubuntu Linux Install the adb and fastboot tools from Ubuntu packages according to these instructions. Documentation Introduction to adb adb command line arguments