Author: matt

  • EarthOS 0.13 released!

    Has been nearly a year since the last release. But then again, it's just a for-fun project for me at the moment where I put in some spare hour to relax by indulging into creative technological thinking and some systems engineering. Anyway, here we go: The new version 0.13 of the EarthOS document has been published. Access […]

  • How to record video and audio from a Linux desktop?

    Recording a video from Linux desktop content, like for creating a screencast presentation, is quite simple with recordmydesktop or its GUI version gtk-recordmydesktop. However if you want to capture the system sound as well (not what you might speak live into a microphone), it gets a bit more difficult. Here is one possible solution with […]

  • How to integrate Casetracker with Drupal Commons 3?

    Acquia Drupal Commons 3 is a great Drupal 7 distribution to create a social network type site. Casetracker is a nice, extensible support ticket management system for Drupal 7 that can also be used as a task manager for distributed collaboration on tasks. Here's how to integrate both cleanly as I did for the Edgeryders […]

  • Where to get instant human translation for text?

    For example, you might be able to read and understand a foreign language website sufficiently using machine translation (like Google Translate), but machine translation is mostly not sufficient for contributing own content to it. So what? The optimum case would be to have a webservice that offers instant translation for small texts. Or translation with […]

  • Commentary on Dr. Harald Wozniewski’s “mass purchasing power” argument

    This is my commentary on the analysis of monetary inflation and income development by Dr. Harald Wozniewski, as presented on, especially on page “60 Jahre Währungsreform – 60 Jahre Geldmengenwachstum“. Our task is first to determine the real inflation rate (not by means of a shopping basket, which is hedonically corrected etc.). This is simple: If the inflation […]

  • How to set up simple, out of the box git user management for multiple teams?

    One of my latest projects was setting up the Git source code management system on a customer's server, so that different developers can have different access rights to repositories. How to do that? For the really simple case of one set of repositories with r/w access to every developer in your organization, you can use […]

  • How to troubleshoot DNS problems?

    Here's my collection of favorite DNS tools and techniques to troubleshoot issues: Great DNS report generator. (Huge report to find all kinds of problems in your DNS; use the "DNSreport" box there.) How to check that your change of nameservers was entered at the TLD's nameservers. (Use second part of that answer.) DNS delegation checker. […]