proftpd is the FTP daemon used on Host Europe Linux VPS servers, so these are the instructions you need if you want to add an FTP user there without (!) adding a domain in Plesk and creating a user that way.

It’s simple:

  1. In the command line, use the adduser command:
    adduser somename
  2. Do NOT enter that user’s name to /etc/ftpusers, as this file lists users NOT allowed to log in by FTP.
  3. There is no need to restart proftpd, as it will dynamically react to changes in your set of system users. If you still need to restart it (to read other config changes), you need to send it the SIGHUP signal [source], as it’s managed by inetd (the Internet super daemon, a kind off automatic start / stop service for other daemons, so that there is no need and no option to restart proFTPD manually).

The official docs are here: proFTPD Mini HowTo Index. Please esp. refer to the ProFTPD Logins and Authentication in case your new user still has problems logging in.

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