Month: August 2007

  • Please define happiness!

    When searching for life as in this series of articles it’d be a good idea to know what life is. A major aspect is happiness. But what is happiness? I hereby invite you to share your definitions in the comments, and will give my own: Happiness is that flavor of emotional well-being that is triggered […]

  • My vision for my life, as of today

    From time to time, I write down what is my long-term vision for my life. To own my “plan” in a compact form for reading, thinking about and sharing, and to document it and later find a development from version to version. Here is the version from today (2007-08-21). The driving question behind all these […]

  • What ain't banal?

    Is all of life banal? Me thinks it’s justified to ask so, as the non-banality is nowhere obvious at first glance. To find it, one should define it. I propose here the following definitions: Each situation defines one or some actions as appropriate (or: wise, adequate, necessary, essential) answers to the situation. To act non-banally […]

  • Learning the Lord's supper anew

    Just a quick thought here: perhaps you know that the Jesus Freaks (German readers: better use Jesus Freaks at German Wikipedia) use Coca Cola and chips for the Lord’s supper. I once saw a video clip where one of them stood before a “church meeting” room in Hamburg, stating that they were going to hold […]

  • Autarky escape from the hedonic treadmill

    The hedonic treadmill Here is the basic assertion of our economy: the needs of human beings are infinite (… but the means to fulfill them are finite, so we have to be economical). Infinite needs are surely observable, but what’s the reason behind? From an evolutionist perspective it looks like this: “And there are more […]

  • Making people think!

    Christians seem to be well-accepted on practical grounds while their faith is ignored. Theres nothing bad and no harm they do to others; they do good things; they are honest; they work diligently. Sadly, all this does not make many people think about their destiny … instead, people are tempted to exploit the goodwill of […]

  • Questioning the market

    The market economy exchanged efficiency for convenience. It is convenient that the market controls itself and no (possibly currupt) central control organization needs to be in place. It is inconvenient to control such a big thing as a national (or world) economy. However, central linear organization (i.e. upfront full task decomposition) and the uncontrolled market […]